HUNDREDFOLDS INDUSTRIES Corporation (HIC) was established on February 2003 by people who engaged in selling and establishing industrial products for more than 15 years. Basically the company caters to various industries and hospitals in the Philippines and focuses on medical oxygen generator and medical gas distribution system and its accessories for medical and industrial application. HIC also promotes industrial products such as air compressor, compressed air purification equipment and its services, vacuum pump, mechanical seals and instrumentation equipment.

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OXYSWING® PSA Oxygen Generators

HIC has a suitable oxygen generator for any kind of application and any flow demand.

In order to offer you the best possible solution for your on-site oxygen generation requirement we have as only supplier in the world three (3) different oxygen product groups available:

Modular PSA Oxygen Generators

This unique and patent pending product set new standards for PSA oxygen generators in terms of system flexibility, quality and efficiency.

Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators

The best solution for larger oxygen consumptions. Designed for years of trouble-free continuous heavy-duty operation at low operational costs.