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The Vmax system offered by Dekker Vacuum Technologies is the result of years of experience in the design, manufacture, operation and application of the oil sealed liquidring vacuum system concept.


Product Features

  • Dekker Vacuum supplies NFPA99 compliant medical packages with vacuum capabilities up to 29.5" Hg
  • Two stage pumps available for high vacuum applications
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
  • Dekker patented DX-5 and DX7 air/oil separator designs feature 5 stages of separation resulting in the best air/oil separation in the industry
  • DX5 and DX7 separator designs eliminate possible leaks associated with square tank designs
  • Potential leak joints in the oil circuit have been virtually eliminated with the use of Aeroquip MatchMate Plus metal braid reinforced hose connected with Aeroquip fittings
  • Vmax systems are extremely quiet in operation with sound levels in the 75-80 dBA range
  • Vmax systems can operate at low vacuum without overheating
  • Dekker offers an uparalleled 3 year warranty on Vmax systems (Excluding routine maintenance items such as seals, bearings, filters, and oil)
  • A wide range of standard system configurations is maintained in our inventory for quick shipments
  • Dekkers extends short and long-term financing and affordable rental and lease rates for a variety of vacuum products including the Vmax systems
  • Standard Vmax systems are now available with optional Variable Frequency Drive resulting in lower power consumption


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